Owner/Head Trainer - Evan Amell B.S, FNC

I am the owner and head coach of EA Fitness and Performance LLC. I have been around fitness my entire life with sports and the training that comes along with that. I got a Bachelors in Exercise Science with a minor in Psychology and currently compete as a powerlifter in the United States Powerlifting Association. The reason I got into personal training is I saw first hand how much taking care of your body helps with everything in life. Through the toughest moments of my life, when I had a lot of stress, anxiety, self-esteem issues, and just overall not happy with what I saw in the mirror I found that fitness always helped me get out of the struggles I was dealing with. It gave me a body that I was happy with but more importantly it empowered me as an individual to make me a better son, brother, cousin, uncle, athlete, worker, student, leader and the list goes on! With that experience, I knows the struggle, doubt, apprehension and ambivalence that can come with starting with a new fitness routine. This helps me understand our clients and their obstacles that could be holding them back from their fitness goals so I can help them get past anything that stands in their way. With my passion for fitness I have helped people lose 100s of pounds, gain muscle, gain strength, and more importantly take control of their health!

Elite Trainer - Derek Haney B.S

I got my Bachelors in Exercise Science as well as a minor in Psychology. I have been a multi-sport athlete my entire life and competed at the collegiate level for the University of Southern Maine men's basketball program. After 10 years of competing in sports at a high level, non-stop training, and endless nagging injuries. I fell in love with health and fitness, personal training is the path I choose because I have been through and seen how important it is that we take care of our bodies so that we can live a longer healthier life. As an athlete it was natural for me to not listen to my body, pushing through injury, eating whatever I wanted and doing anything necessary to keep competing. My body couldn't keep up until I started taking my training and nutrition seriously. This change changed my life because I was living in less pain, looking better, feeling better, performing at a higher level, and so much more. My passion is to help others achieve those same feelings, there is no better feeling than helping someone reach the goals they once thought were never possible.