3 Reasons why community helps you reach your fitness goals

‘Today I wanted to highlight something that is very underrated when it comes to setting yourself up for success when pursuing your fitness goal(s).


And here are 3 reasons why.


1)You become the 5 people you surround yourself with

-So if you are surrounding yourself with people that don’t have any intention of becoming healthier anytime soon then this in turn, puts you in a hard position to reach your fitness goals. When you join a small gym(like mine), you are really joining a community of people that have similar goals as you might have and are willing to support you to make sure you reach your fitness goals. You will meet 5+ people that you will see on a weekly basis so you will be spending a lot of time with them and in turn, setting you up for success.


-When you have a community of people that are like-minded as you, they will also help keep you accountable to make sure you are taking consistent action week after week to ensure you are staying on track.

3)Makes your fitness journey more enjoyable!

-This is an important part of the process is to be able to embrace it and enjoy it. Celebrating the wins along the way, pushing each other, and having fun while doing it are just some of the benefits of having a community along with you on your fitness journey!

Something I take pride in at our gym is doing community events. Whether thats going out skiing together, going out to eat, going to the ax pit to throw axes, or anything that gets us outside the gym because I realize how important it is for my clients to have a sense of community so I can ensure that they are maximizing their experience at my gym.This is why joining a small gym is so powerful for individuals looking to lose weight, get stronger, feel better in their clothes, and just be healthier.

So if you are thinking about pursuing your fitness goals, consider joining a community!!