Success stories from local Falmouth members

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  • Art Batson's success story

    Knowledgable and has great personality

    Evan is a smart young man who's a lot of fun to workout with.  I love golf and I wanted to continue to get better and do exercises that were around those activities.  So we set certain goals around that and I'm hitting the ball 30 yards farther now!!

    Art Batson

    5 year(s) at EA Fitness and Performance

  • Heather Browne's success story

    Extremely professional and knowledgeable

    I have worked with Evan for over 4 years. He is extremely professional and knowledgable. Evan actively listens and supports my personal goals, even if that means he has do do a little research. Lifting weights and exercising in a gym has never been my preferred mode but Evan has helped me realize that strength training and conditioning impacts everything I do and I have seen improvements in my stamina and skill on the bike and ski trails. He has also helped me regain skills after injuries and is very open to consulting with other professionals to support his clients. The atmosphere at EA fitness is very supportive and non-judgmental. It is always a positive and welcoming atmosphere!

    Heather Browne

    4 year(s) at EA Fitness and Performance

  • Jen Davis's success story

    Approachable and make workouts fun!

    I am so happy I made the decision to invest in a gym membership at EA Fitness. Evan is highly knowledgeable in all aspects of nutrition and fitness and always motivate you to reach your goals. Thank you guys for helping me along the way of my fitness journey.

    Jen Davis

    1.5 year(s) at EA Fitness and Performance









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  • Step 1: Consultation
  • Step 2: Assessment
  • Step 3: Creation of Fitness Plan
  • Step 4: Implement Fitness Plan
  • Step 5: Results GUARANTEED
  • Step 1: Consultation Image

    Step 1: Consultation

    Step 1: Consultation

    Meet with one of our elite trainers who will you sit down and talk with a you to discuss your fitness goals along with getting to know you at a personal level.

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  • Step 2: Assessment Image

    Step 2: Assessment

    Step 2: Assessment

    The trainer will then take you through a comprehensive assessment so we can get a baseline fitness level to compare to as you progress

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  • Step 3: Creation of Fitness Plan Image

    Step 3: Creation of Fitness Plan

    Step 3: Creation of Fitness Plan

    The trainer will create a fitness and nutrition program based on your goals and the results from the assessment to ensure that the fitness plan is individualized for you

  • Step 4: Implement Fitness Plan Image

    Step 4: Implement Fitness Plan

    Step 4: Implement Fitness Plan

    Once the plan is initiated, we will constantly be monitoring your progress throughout the program on a weekly basis to ensure that you are going in the right direction

  • Step 5: Results GUARANTEED Image

    Step 5: Results GUARANTEED

    Step 5: Results GUARANTEED

    If within 60 days you don't make any progress, we will give you your full investment back. We are confident that we can help anyone reach their fitness goals!

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