Andrew Goyet

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Andrew Goyet


I grew up in southern Maine, I was an active kid and played all kinds of sports before focusing on swimming and track and field in high school at Thornton Academy. I started lifting weights during that time to get better, and my passion for it grew more than I imagined. Even as I was getting my Bachelor’s in Business Administration at Flagler College in St. Augustine, I dreamed of running a gym. I had always been a skinny kid and it dominated my mindset in an unhealthy way. I wanted to change my physique and got into bodybuilding, but I learned strong lessons in inner strength, determination, perseverance, self-advocacy and an attitude of perpetual learning. I fell in love with CrossFit in 2017 and got my CF Level 1 certificate in 2020. Through all these endeavors, I learned how to love myself regardless of my reflection. I realized I was on the wrong career path, quit my job in banking, and rounded out my knowledge with a nutrition coaching certificate through Working Against Gravity. I’ve gotten the opportunity to coach many people for the last few years but I’ve never been happier to find a place to call home where I can grow as a trainer. I’m more excited than ever to help people grow to love the process of their fitness journeys and to change lives for the better here at EA Fitness and Performance

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