Invest in your health

I love to use the analogy that your body is like a car.  It has certain things you need to do in order to make sure the car runs smoothly. If you start ignoring your oil changes,  ignore the check engine light, ignore that odd clunking sound your car makes, it eventually is going to manifest into big problems that may lead to your car not operating properly.

Your body is no different.  Below are the minimum basics that everyone needs to do in order to maintain a healthy functioning body.

Strength Training: 2-3x/week
Cardiovascular exercise: 1-3x/week
Sleep: 7-9 hours/day

Eat adequate amounts of protein, vegetables, and fruits(varies person to person)

If you don’t do these things regularly, you are putting yourself at risk of various health complications later on.  Especially if you are a person who might be genetically predisposed to certain conditions.

You live in your body 24/7.  You spend more time in it then anything else you do.  That’s why you need to invest into it in order to make sure your body functions the way it needs to and the way that you want to.

If you want to live longer to spend more quality time with loved ones, you need to invest in your body.

If you want to continue to do the hobbies that you do regularly without having to worry about physical limitations, you need to invest in your body.

If you want to perform better in your career and enhance productivity, you need to invest in your body.

If you want to not worry about not being able to do things later on because you are getting older, you need to invest in your body.

Just like with anything, the longer you invest, the better long term results you will ultimately get.

So invest in your health, your future self will thank you for it!

Coach Evan

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