The Biggest Misconception for Core Strength

So when we think of strengthening the core, a lot of times people think of doing sit ups, crunches, and oblique side bends. However, this is not the case. Shocking right?


One of the primary functions of the core is to bring stability to the lower half of the torso during any given movement pattern. In order for that stability to happen, the core muscles have to contract isometrically to keep the spine stable. An isometric contraction is a contraction that occurs when the muscles don’t change in length.


So what does this mean?


Movements like sit ups, crunches, and oblique side bends are concentric contractions that create a movement such as trunk flexion or trunk lateral flexion. These kinds of movements DO NOT teach the body to create a stable spine. They do have their place but if you’re looking to get a stronger core, you need to train your core muscles isometrically.

Good core exercises include:

-Bird dogs

-Carrying variations(farmers carry, suitcase carry, Kettlebell cross carry, etc.)




-Paloff Presses

You do these kinds of exercises daily and you’ll notice your back will be a lot happier with you! 🙂

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