What is feeling normal?

You see it all the time.  People that go on a fitness plan that starts to make them feel good.  Maybe its exercising regularly.  Maybe its eating a little healthier.  Maybe it’s drinking an adequate amount of water every day.  Whatever it is, they talk about how they have more energy, clothes are feeling better, and that they just feel better about themselves.  This is all great stuff.

What if I told you that this is how you are supposed to feel?  That is what normal should feel like.  When you are doing the things you should to take good care of your body, your body will naturally respond in a positive way.  It might not be profound but you will notice a difference depending on what you are exactly doing to become healthier.

Here what is not normal for humans which is causing us to not feel great.

-Not exercising regularly

-Consuming too much sugary foods/drinks

-Eating too many refined carbohydrates and not enough protein

-Not drinking enough water

-Not getting 7-9 hours of quality sleep

-Not getting in 10,000 steps every day

-Not eating enough fruits and vegetables

We as a society have lowered our standards of what feeling normal is.  We’ve normalized doing exactly what we shouldn’t be doing on a daily basis.  This even goes to people that are on the older side.  Yes, your body is naturally slowing down from a metabolic standpoint but this just doesn’t mean that feeling tired all the time, gaining unwanted weight, and or struggling physically with daily activities is normal.  It’s not normal!  Even if you are “old”!

So long story short.

Feeling normal is having good energy levels and not relying on caffeine to keep you up during the day.

Feeling normal is having the ability to do physical activities without having to worry about losing your breath or hurting yourself.

Feeling normal is not having to worry about eating “guilt” foods since you are eating healthy most of the time.

I tell everyone,  start with one task that you do on a daily basis for 30 days consistently and build momentum off that by continuing to add small things so you can feel the way you are supposed to feel!!

As always, I’m here as a resource for those who are ready to take their health to the next level in a sustainable way.

Coach Evan