What’s really stopping you?

This is the most important part of starting a fitness journey other than taking action.  What has stopped me from reaching my fitness goals?

Is it because you’ve lacked the discipline to exercise consistently?  Is it because you’ve had a hard time overcoming cravings?  Is it because you don’t sleep well?  Is it because you are scared of taking the first step?  Is it because you are hesitant to commit to a long term program?  Is it because you’ve solely relied on motivation to take action?  

As you can see, you need to ask yourself a lot of questions and you have to be honest with yourself if you want to actually come up with solutions.  You can’t come up with solutions if you constantly lie and or deny the real reasons that you got to the point you have with your health.


More than the physical, it’s the mindset change that gets people the results that they are looking for.  Overcoming limiting beliefs(which are lies) is a big one. Examples of limiting beliefs:

I can’t lose weight because of my age and or gender. False.  You can lose weight at any age for either gender

I don’t have time. False.  You can make the time if it becomes a priority

I can’t control my cravings. False.  There are modifications you can make from a nutrition and overall lifestyle standpoint that can help reduce cravings.

I can’t have the body I want because of my genetics.  False.  It may be more difficult for some individuals to achieve this but by no means does that mean we just have to default to current circumstances

I can’t afford a gym membership.  False.  If you go through your finances there is a good chance that there is an area of your finances that you can cut from to allow you to afford a gym membership.  If you actually can’t, exercise can be done anywhere for free :). 

So as you can see,  it takes a lot of inner dialogue in order to figure out what has really made you struggle to reach your fitness goals.  Fitness is just as much mental as it is physical!

I highly recommend you do a self scan and ask yourself these questions but if you are still struggling, us at EA Fitness and Performance are trained to help you figure out what is stopping you and how to overcome it!


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