Lots of people have heard me talk about this through conversations because I cannot stress it enough that strength training is important for everyone but especially women in particular. The reason is because as women age, they go through more bodily changes then men do(pregnancies, menopause, etc) that can negatively impact on a lot of different areas that include:

-Losing muscle mass

-Losing bone density

-Increase body fat

-Sleep quality

-Decrease Joint health

-Decreased overall strength

-Lower energy

and other areas!


As you can imagine, this has repercussions.


The biggest one aside from the cellular changes is the risk of injury. A recent study showed that women 65 and over who fall will have a 50% chance of NEVER walking again. Thats not a typo. These are real facts.


I’ve had the pleasure of helping lots of women take control of their health whether its losing weight, putting on muscle mass, losing body fat, help getting them stronger, and help them create a body that they can feel confident in! Recently I had a womanwho mentioned that their bone density went up 18% from last year! Another woman went down 6.3% body fat in 4 months. Another woman has dropped almost 50lbs and is stronger than ever!(I have more but I’ll save the other stories 🙂 )


And guess what? It was done with both strength training and simple nutrition guidance.


Long story short, don’t wait until its too late. Start strength training today!


As always, if you have any questions regarding health, I’m happy to help!


Coach Evan