Improve your posture with this exercise

In today’s society, we have created work environments where we are constantly sitting with poor posture which leads to dysfunctions in a lot of areas but especially with shoulder positioning. When you are sitting at a desk, it’s natural to round your shoulders forward and be in a prolonged kyphotic posture which isn’t conducive for shoulder health. It weakens the muscles in your upper back, shoulders, and causes your pectoral muscles to get tight. This can limit your range of motion in the shoulder joint especially in shoulder flexion(when you bring your arms above your head).


So what exercise should you do to help improve your posture? Face Pulls!!


Face pulls naturally put your shoulders in the proper position since it forces you to externally rotate the shoulder as well as strengthen the muscles in the upper back and posterior deltoids. This is one of my favorite exercises that I use that has helped a lot of my clients get rid of shoulder pain along with improving their posture! Do this exercise consistently and you’ll notice a difference!


Dedicated To Your Success,

Coach Evan