You Can’t Afford To Fall

I mean this literally.

You can’t fall….

As simple as it sounds, it’s serious and is very common. I’m sure you know of someone who’s older who has taken a fall and hurt themselves. Around 3 million hospital visits are what falls are responsible that usually result in traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, and other various physical injuries.

Some signs that you are at more of a risk to falling include:

-You take short steps while walking

-You have to hold onto railings or other objects to help keep you stable

-You can’t get up and down off the floor comfortably

-You are slow to go up and down the stairs

-You have vision issues

-You have trouble walking and carrying things at the same time

-You can’t stay stable on one leg

These aren’t all of them but enough for you to get the point. There are a lot of factors that can increase your risk of falling and result in serious complications.

The good thing about it is that you can do something that will lower your risk of falling.

Implement strength training into your routine!!

I had a client who was 74 at the time and I had worked with them for 4 months and they took a fall in the shower. HOWEVER, because they had been working with me and got stronger they were able to brace the fall and get up on their own without any serious injuries. They said to me in the next session that “if I hadn’t been working with you before that happened, I’m not sure what would’ve happened”.

The strength they gained is what led his body to be more resilient even at age 74!

So long story short, you have time to prepare yourself and get stronger so you don’t become one of the 3 million that goes to the hospital for a fall. Strength training is your way out.

As always, reach out to me if you need any help or support.

Dedicated To Your Success,


Coach Evan