Flexibility vs Mobility

Most people think there is no difference between the two BUT there is.

Flexibility- the muscles ability to lengthen

Mobility- is the ability of the joint to move through its full range of motion without restriction or pain


Why is this important to know?


People think “I’ve got to do more stretching” if they are restricted in movement patterns.


This is only half the battle…


Your body also needs to learn how to CONTROL the new range of motion that you create when you lengthen the tissue when you stretch. If it doesn’t learn how to control the new range of motion that you create with stretching, it will just go back to the way it was, since stiffness can be created to bring stability to the joint.


When I assess someone, I’m measuring both flexibility and mobility so I can see what could be causing the dysfunction in certain areas. They are interconnected most of the time. If a muscle is stiff then it could restrain the range of motion or if the prime movers are weak and unable to perform the movement then that could also cause a restriction of range of motion.


So long story short, stretching alone will not help your muscle stiffness. You need to strength train as well if you want to improve your mobility for good so you can move without restriction!


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