Reality when it comes to pushing off your own health

I hear a lot of things outside the gym when it comes to people giving reasons why they haven’t taken action on their health. Sometimes they are legitimate as life throws us obstacles that make it a lot harder to take time to take care of ourselves but for most the below statements are true.

“I don’t have time” = It isn’t a priority in my schedule.

“I can’t afford it” = I choose to spend money elsewhere.

“I’m not the gym type” = I don’t want to familiarize myself with exercise since it’s not important to me.

None of these statements are actually true.

We all have time to set in our schedules.

Lots of hours in the day. If you are truly busy, one of the most effective ways to be more efficient with your time is not to do a “to-do list” but instead use time blocking daily. This means either a handwritten calendar or google calendar(or other software) and block out time for each task you are doing during the day so you can maximize your time which will allow you to have more time by not wasting it.

We can afford it.

Most of the time we are spending money elsewhere whether its buying a new car, new cell phone, traveling somewhere, and other pleasures. If you truly want to get healthier, you will change your budget in order to make it work. We pay for what we prioritize.

Look up how much people spend on medications and hospital visits annually. A gym membership is A LOT cheaper.

We all should workout consistently.

It could be that you don’t like to exercise. Which is pretty normal in our society. Does that mean we shouldn’t do it? No way. Humans are meant to have daily exercise which is why there are so many health implications for people that choose not to exercise.

It could be that you are nervous to be in a gym environment. That’s completely normal and you are not alone. You have options to make the transition to exercise as comfortable as possible. Online training or going to a private studio(like mine) are great options for those who might be both nervous and not know where to start. One thing is true though, we all have a place in a gym environment.

You get the point now.

Don’t let limiting beliefs stop you from starting your fitness journey. The only person who is holding you back is you. You can do this and don’t wait before it’s too late.

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