Strength Training In The Aging Population

Strength Training has gained some popularity over the years because science has kept evolving and continues to show us the importance for optimal health especially for those not in their “prime” years!


I’ve heard everything from “I’m too old to workout” or “It’s not meant for me”


When in fact those are both FALSE.


It’s actually even more important to strength train as you get older since our bodies start to metabolically slow down after the age of 30 and progressively declines after each decade. Strength training can actually reverse a lot of the issues that come on later in life and the benefits include:


1) Balance and Coordination

-You work on training the type II fast twitch muscle fibers that are responsible for powerful and quick muscle contractions!

2) Strengthen Bones

-When you’re strength training, it stimulates bone formation, because bone put under moderate compressive stress responds by building bone density as a result of adapting to consistent moderate stress.

3) Strengthen and Build Muscle

-Muscle is built based on consistent stress to the muscle!

4) Injury Prevention

-Being stronger and knowing how to perform certain movements as simple as bending over to pick something up off the floor will significantly reduce the risk of injury with daily activities!

and many more!


So now lets look at some statistics.

-On average, after the age of 30 people lose 3-8% of their muscle with each decade

-Falls account for 3 million hospital visits that usually end with broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, joint trauma, and other kinds of injuries!

-A study showed that older adults who strength trained at least 2x/week have 45% of all cause mortality. 45%!!!!!


As you can see now with the benefits and the statistics I just gave you, strength training is a necessity if your goal is to be healthy which most people want to be. If you haven’t strength trained before or don’t know where to start. We can help you here at EA Fitness and Performance.


Dedicated To Your Success,


Coach Evan